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Go to Referrals Friends

Referrals Friends

It couldn’t be much easier. Refer friends, relatives, or colleagues to the doctors you trust! The system tracks the referrals for any potential rewards offering.

Go to Contact Lens Orders

Contact Lens Orders

Just a simple, straightforward tool that allows patients to order contacts without the hassles of calling the office. The practice will reply after receiving the request to arrange payment.

Go to Request Appointments

Request Appointments

Why wait on the phone when you can simply submit your request! Advise the practice of convenient days and times, as well as the purpose of the visit. The office will reply with one or more convenient times!

Video Consultation

Telemedicine is here! Consult with your doctor via video conferencing. Secure, compliant, by phone, computer or tablet!

NEW! Telemedicine solution is now available. Consult with patients via video conferencing on your computer or mobile device!

Doctors: This app helps your patients while it helps you!

A single app that provides valuable services to eye care offices worldwide. No setup fees. No maintenance fees. We do all the work managing the app. You get all the benefit.
We maintain the app. Your practice gets all the benefits.

Building and managing an app to do all that MyEyeApp does, is costly, complex, and just plain not necessary!

Our expert team has developed a tool for just about any practice. An app that generates money while you are in or out of the office!

Check out our explanatory video to get the full story! then follow the link to SUBSCRIBE to our low monthly fee!

It's free for your patients. Download today at the Apple App Store, or for Android at the Google Play Store.

  • Manage Patient Referrals
  • Schedule Appts


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