May 2, 2016

How It Works

Doctors and Practice Managers:

Why spend the time and money to develop and maintain a mobile app when all your practice needs is MyEyeApp!

By integrating myEYEapp into your practice processes, you’ll have the most powerful marketing tool available.

After you subscribe, you’ll need only  a few minutes to configure your app:

  • upload your logo
  • add location(s) details
  • add Doctor details
  • Add emergency phone numbers

After your patients download the app and enter the Practice ID OR the ID of the person that referred them, the app becomes a dedicated resource, branded to your practice, and providing multiple valuable tools!

Valuable In-App Resources for Patients

Refer New Patients

The core of myEYEapp is the referral  management tools.  Patients who love your office can now refer a friend from the app! Both the patient and the office can view the number of referrals. The practice establishes the “thank you” gift, if any, for the referrals. Your practice can then offer store credits, coupons, vouchers, or whatever you like!

Order Contact Lenses

With MyEyeApp there is no need to build and maintain complicated web-store.  Your current patients simply open the app, and submit an order for lenses for right, left or both eyes. Your office receives the request by email, and replies with a shopping cart link for the patient to pay in advance of ordering. The payments go directly to your bank account.

Request Appointments

Decrease phone time for  your staff!  Urge your patients to request appointments!  Patients open the Request Appointments screen, enter what days, and times are convenient for them, and submit. Your office staff receive the request, and reply with the time to fit the patients needs. an NO PHONE NEEDED USED AT ALL!

Emergency Contact

With one click patients can call your office in case of emergency.

Telemedicine (optional)

Practices also have the option of adding a simple, cost effective solution to telemedicine to myEYEapp. Provide care to your patients, and add a new layer if income to your practice with Video Consultation!

So…. Why wait?

Enroll Your Practice w myEYEapp Today!