September 24, 2017

Promoting Your App

The Practice ID:

After registering your practice and setting up  your practice profile, you will be provided a “Practice ID” that is unique to your office. When a patient enters your Practice ID, the app takes on the characteristics of your office, logo and all!

Share the “Download App” and Practice ID

Provide your patients the link to download the MyEyeApp from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). You don’t have to provide any unique links other than the two below, but be sure to clearly share the Practice ID.

Distribute your Practice ID (Example: MyEyApp ID: 12345) to all your patients, urging them to download the app. Here are a few ideas on promoting the app:

  • Have pre-test staff hand out a small biz card specifically for the app (Just the MyEyeApp name with PracticeID
  • Newsletters
  • On your website
  • On business cards
  • Place it on  the profile of your social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Make occasional posts  on your social accounts with the Practice Code shared in the post
  • Add the practice ID to your print materials (business cards, postcards, recall, invoices, etc) Example:
  • Post a link to download the app from your website
  1. add the app details to recall, billing, and newsletters

After they Download

Once the user downloads the app, and enters your Practice Code, you’re now linked to the patient.

Push Notifications

As long as users authorize push notifications through the app, your office can send individual or bulk messages through the app!.

Sample Banners (downloadable Links Below to PSD files)

  • LINK: 300×600 MyEyApp banner
  • LINK: 300×250 MyEyeApp banner
  • LINK: 125×125 MyEyeApp banner


Sample Promotional Business Card

myeeyeapp promotional practice biz card